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Strengthen your body
and mind
Breath Next level is the easiest way to reduce stress and improve your mental and physical health. Follow the comforting guiding animations and explore a unique collection of proven breathing exercises.
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New way of engaging with Artificial Intelligence
Traditional media are under the pressure from the artificial actors. It is time to critically address the circulation and evolution of art. In this project we collaborate with Levin Brinkmann from Max-Planck Institute and Media Lab at MIT to explore new ways of engaging with the generated content.
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You keep the data,
we bring the algorithms
More Stamina is a digital health solution for persons with Multiple Sclerosis that aims to help them better manage their fatigue and other MS-related symptoms.

This project started is dedicated to explore ways in which new technologies can be used to improve healthcare and quality of life.
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LAMB AR - Asynchronous city level multiplayer experience
The LAMB project will allow an understanding of the plurality of local culture on the macro level, highlighting the experiential and behavioural differences within parts of the cities, districts, and potentially even smaller fractures of space.
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